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IACP 2017: A look at Signal Sidearm

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At Axon, we're all about making sure critical moments never go unaddressed. Our new Signal Sidearm sensor, which we will be showing at IACP, is our newest must-have device designed to help cover all your bases. By taking care of a simple task in a decisive moment, our Signal device gets right in the trenches with you and lets you focus on what matters most. Today, we're taking an in-depth look at Signal Sidearm so you can get excited to see the real thing at the conference.

How does it work?

Just like all our other Axon Signal products, Sidearm senses when your firearm is removed from its holster and wirelessly alerts all nearby Axon cameras to begin recording. This process preserves the 30-second buffer video, so you can understand what happened in the heat of the moment. With Sidearm, the whole scene is captured on video, without fumbling for a camera button. It creates an audit report in, so you'll have an accurate timestamp when it's time to log your report.

How does Signal Sidearm help you focus during critical moments?

  • Hands-free
    When Signal Sidearm detects the removal of your firearm, it will alert all Axon cameras to begin recording, without the added hassle of manually turning it on. You won't need to fumble around your holster for the power switch each time you encounter a dangerous situation, or turn it off after an event.
  • Seamless
    We've designed it to screw on to your holster, no modification needed, so it can sit unobtrusively outside your firearm. And there's no fear of it snagging on anything, coming loose, or getting in the way. It's completely cable-free and seamlessly fastens to most popular regulation holsters.
  • Worry-free
    With battery life of more than one year, you won't have to worry about changing it. Better yet, when the battery runs low, you'll be notified via email, so you'll never be let down in a critical situation. Just another example of eliminating distractions and letting you focus on what matters.

See it for yourself

So what Signal Sidearm activities can you expect at booth #2825? We'll have product videos and Axon reps there to answer any questions you have. We'll also have live Signal Sidearm demonstrations, so you can get the chance to see our technology in action. And if you want to get hands-on experience, you can get a close-up look in our demo bar after the booth experience. As always, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have and receive feedback. Catch you in the Exhibit Hall next week!

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