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The latest on our AI initiatives

Today, officers spend as much as two-thirds of their day on paperwork. We at Axon consider this a failure of their technology.

Our AI Research team is working to cut the time spent on paperwork by improving the efficiency and accuracy of report-writing and information analysis in law enforcement.

These advancements will help keep officers in the community — not behind a desk.

What we're working on

Our job is to provide law enforcement officials with technology that helps them serve their communities. We take privacy extremely seriously, and we're committed to never releasing a product that has unaddressed privacy concerns. Our team focuses on improving workflows, and leaves decision-making to the officers. Here's what that looks like:

  • Automated Redaction

    So officers can share footage with the public faster while protecting the privacy of individuals captured in video.

  • Accelerated Review

    So supervisors can better understand compliance and provide feedback in order to improve training and police-community relations.

  • Automated Reporting Generated Directly from Video and Audio

    So officers can spend more time with the community instead of writing reports.

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Our commitment

Our team is comprised of machine learning researchers and engineers. We balance an aggressive roadmap of engineering challenges with a portfolio of research bets.

While we work hard and take our work seriously, we thrive in a collaborative environment that is dynamic, fast-paced, and fun. We're a small team within Axon building a complex system, which means that every researcher and engineer owns a major part of our pipeline and is responsible for its architecture and design.

We understand the importance of collaboration for rigorous research and encourage team members to publish and open-source. We love discussing hard problems in computer vision, natural language processing, and data science, and love coding together. And above all, we believe in Axon's mission to Protect Life.

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