A Word from Our Founder & CEO, Rick Smith

What a ride. I started as a 23-year-old idealist working in an inventor's garage in Tucson, desperate to bring to market the technology that would become our TASER weapons. I couldn't have predicted how our product and the company itself would evolve, but I'm incredibly proud of how it has. 23 years and 180,000 lives saved later, I'm more excited than ever by our mission to protect life and the impact we can continue to make in the world with our broader mission as Axon.

To all the men and women of public safety: We are grateful for the work you do every day and for your partnership. We look forward to continuing to innovate together with you as we imagine what possibilities the future can bring. We wouldn't be where we are today without you.

To the world at large: It's time for change. Our goal is to triple the time officers can spend serving their communities by automating the burden of paperwork. Sound impossible? Good. We love proving doubters wrong :)

To learn more about where we're headed, I explain our vision in the video below.

Stay safe,

- Rick