The New Axon Brand

A Message From Rick Smith

If you've ever met me, you know that I'm a bit of a tech geek. I'm constantly trying out the latest gadgets and apps, whether it's sporting new wireless headphones around my neck at all times, or encouraging my employees to use cloud-based tools to become more efficient and open up lines of communication.

Technology has also helped me make an impact on the world. TASER devices have at this point saved over 150,000 lives, prevented countless other injuries, and stopped many situations from reaching a point where force is needed at all. I'm incredibly proud of that history and of all of the people who have helped those ideas become reality.

We'll continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with our Smart Weapons. But there are so many other aspects of law enforcement where technology can make a massive impact. Capturing information, managing that information, sharing that information, communicating more effectively—we're optimizing processes throughout this workflow with things like our body-worn cameras and our digital evidence management solution. And we're only at the beginning of what's possible.

This is why we're launching the Axon brand—to make things possible, and to make new innovations for law enforcement a reality. Our vision is to build the most powerful public safety platform in the world—the Axon platform— with a suite of connected technologies that work together to make our men and women not just safer, but more effective and efficient as they do the heroic work they do every day. We think Axon is the brand to bring that vision to life.

To be clear, the TASER brand is not going anywhere. It will remain the trusted, tested, tried-and-true brand you know it as today, and will continue to represent our current electrical weapons, and any future Smart Weapon models. Axon will be the umbrella brand for our other connected technologies: body-worn cameras, digital evidence management, and future products and services that we're drumming up. You've known Axon as the name of the market-leading body-worn cameras for several years now, but from here on out, it stands for more. It's worth noting too that Axon relates very closely to TASER, because our Smart Weapons use or interact with the same technologies found in the Axon suite. The two brands will reinforce each other and together form a powerful set of products and services for law enforcement.

The other day we held a webcast to explain more about the launch of the Axon brand, which you can watch on this page. If you have any questions about how this will/won't impact you, you can always reach me at

We're excited about this time in our company's history. With our nation’s law enforcement coming under heightened scrutiny every day, the national conversation is increasingly turning to police tactics, tools, and technologies. We have always been deeply concerned with the lives of law enforcement officers and the lives of the people they serve, and we have let that concern act as a guidepost over the 20+ years we've been in business. That will never stop. We'll continue to produce technology under the TASER and Axon brands that is attuned to the needs of our partners in law enforcement. And we hope that as we do, you'll come to be just as passionate, just as trusting, and just as excited about the Axon brand as you are about TASER.

Thanks for all that you do.