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Every day, new technology merges with old systems. More data flows in. And agencies (and their servers) are overwhelmed. You’re collecting more data than ever — and can help you make the most of it. Our robust, cloud-based system stores all your data — from body-worn cameras to audio records — while streamlining data management and sharing. Feel confident with's simplified, comprehensive evidence management system.

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  • Collect

    Upload content in any file format, from any device.

  • Transfer

    Automatically upload content from Axon devices and hard drives.

  • Manage

    Keep information organized and tag it with the correct metadata.

  • Retrieve

    Find evidence quickly with simple search features.

  • Share

    Grant access to people, like prosecutors, or share content with a secure link.

  • Scale

    Increase storage space instantly and cost-effectively as needed

Effortlessly Tag Video with Correct Metadata

Video evidence can be invaluable—but only if you're confident that it can be easily logged and found. By using Axon's Auto-Tagging Data Services, you can automate the process of tagging videos with complete, correct metadata. Download the auto-tagging brochure for more information.

Benefits include:

  • Correlating your CAD or RMS events with Axon videos
  • Automating metadata entry for every recording
  • Improving data accuracy with complete, correct info
  • Increasing officers’ efficiency after each recorded call
  • Enabling supervisors to manage evidence more effectively
  • Ensuring evidence receives the appropriate automatic retention period

Product Specification

File Support

Manage all types of data, including body-worn video, in-car video, interview room video, CCTV, photographs, audio, documents and more.


Protect the evidentiary value of your data with CJIS-compliant storage, encryption, multi-factor authentication and real-time threat detection. Learn more

Audit Trails

Prove chain of custody on evidence and review actions taken by users across


Increase user compliance while saving time and money with automatic metadata tagging and automated retention schedules based on your CAD/RMS.

Prosecutor Edition

Seamlessly share evidence using the industry's only scalable solution for prosecutors.

Large Agency Support

Manage large deployments with Active Directory integration, operational group permissions and enterprise-level reporting.


Streamline the process of providing video and audio transcriptions for court use and report-writing. Select files and receive transcripts within 24 hours from our CJIS-compliant third-party provider. Learn more


Automate the redaction process by tracking any object – including faces, license plates, and other potentially sensitive images. Make edits at the review stage to manually redact any missed frames, ensuring a clean, 100% redacted video. Learn more

Evidence, Made Manageable

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