More hard drive space. More focus. Fewer worries.

Maintain all devices in a centralized location, assign or remove weapons, and instantly install the latest software to your devices with Lite, a complimentary alternative to – designed for agencies that use only TASER Smart Weapons. Data from TASER weapons is stored in the cloud, accessible from any computer, at any time. If your needs expand, you can upgrade to the full capabilities of at any time. No searching for new vendors. No learning new programs.

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  • Manage devices

    Manage inventory for TASER devices, customize unlimited user role configurations, and update smart weapon firmware.

  • Sort data

    View pulse logs, and upload data from X26, X2, X26P, and TASER CAM.

  • Customize settings

    Set custom retention schedules for TASER CAM footage

Evidence, Made Manageable

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