Share evidence. Protect the truth.

Instantly share files during discovery, maintain a complete chain of custody, and ensure all evidence is encrypted. With for Prosecutors, prosecutors can manage evidence of any type, from any agency, all in one place. Plus, for prosecuting attorneys working with agencies already using, standard licenses are provided at no cost.

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  • Share evidence with ease

    Add evidence to cases and share them with relevant parties with a few clicks.

  • Know your data is secure

    Data is encrypted, and all actions are recorded in an audit log to ensure chain of custody and authenticity.

  • View and store files without cost

    Share cases, receive files from multiple agencies, upload digital data, and more.

  • A cloud-based system

    Scale instantly when needed - increasing storage capacity is seamless.

Evidence, Made Manageable

Work with your local agencies to share and review evidence of any type with our online evidence management system, free of charge. Fill out the form to sign up for an for Prosecutors account.

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