How We Stack Up

This is how our solution stacks up against those of other providers.

Security Hybrid Solutions with "Cloud Hosting"* On-Premise Solutions*
CJIS-compliant storage

Digital fingerprints to prove chain of custody

3rd party security assurances for data storage including ISO 27001, FedRAMP, SOC 2, PCI Level 1

Massive storage capability and reliability

CJIS-compliant application

Evidence deletion protection (through workflows, notification emails, pending deletion period)

Evidence audit records that cannot be altered, even by IT staff or system administrators

Multi-factor authentication and IP whitelisting capable

Data encryption at rest and in transit

Auto installation of application security patches and feature upgrades

Real-time threat detection and periodic penetration testing of application and data

* The information in this table represents the “average” offering within each evidence management solution type, based on our aggregated knowledge of competitor information. Our desktop application Evidence Sync was not considered as part of this comparative analysis.