Axon Fleet Security

Axon Fleet Functionality

How does Axon Fleet work?

Axon Fleet Security Implementation Details

How is security integrated into Axon Fleet?

Agency Security Expectations

What are an agency's security repsonsibilities with Axon Fleet?

What Axon Fleet means for the Security of your In-Car Video

Fleet is part of the Axon network

  • Integration with the secure, CJIS-compliant digital evidence management service that ensures security, scalability and compliance
  • Security upgrades and product enhancements are automatically deployed to stay ahead of malicious users
  • Centralized, searchable agency-wide portal for in-car video retrieval and playback
  • High-quality, reliable components; Axon's quality management system governing the manufacturing of our products is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • The Axon network allows you to focus on your mission as an agency, not building, scaling and maintaining applications and storage solutions

Axon is your trusted partner in security

  • Axon is committed to not sell a solution we think is insecure; we commit ourselves to security, evidence integrity and exceeding compliance
  • Axon deploys a dedicated security team and certified security program to protect Axon products and services
  • We hire device and software security experts to identify vulnerabilities in advance of a malicious user using them to their advantage
  • Axon products undergo rigorous security analysis and assessments during development and throughout their lifecycle
  • Our hardware and software engineering teams are trained on developing secure products and performing peer code reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Read more about our commitments on Axon's Trust hub.